How to Pass a Drug Test

At we have developed an Easy Step by Step guide to passing a drug test. The focal point of our project is to assist those who are recreational/habitual pot smokers that find themselves in a difficult position when they must take a pre-employment urine drug test. Although our studies can help assist with passing the urine test at home for pot smokers or other drug users. Our goal is to help protect the privacy of those who are hard workers and deserve a job regardless of what they may or may not do in their personal life. An increasing amount of companies are starting to screen potential employees with drug tests that have various techniques to catch those who try to cheat the system. Fortunately for us, we are a couple steps a head of them and are continuously educating ourselves to stay leaps and bound a head. For information on collected techniques please refer to the pdf download on the right hand side. We have prepared the document in easy to read language and it is quick and to the point. For those interested in the science of why it works we have also included that information in the file. We will continue to research the field in order to better serve the people.

How to Pass A Drug Test Myths

There are a lot of myths about drug tests these days. We have heard it all so we have included a quick myth debunk list on so called answers to the golden question: How to pass a drug test?

Is Niacin how to pass a drug test? Nope!

Is Craneberry juice how to pass a drug test? Nope!

Are Herbal Detox how to pass a drug test? Nope!

Is drinking water all day everyday how to pass a drug test? No! Be careful water can be toxic

Is Goldenseal how to pass a drug test? Nope!

More answers will be debunked soon.
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