How does THC leave your system?


THC is fat soluble. So the THC in your body will be stored in your fat cells. Whenever fat is burned the THC will be released in your body via blood, urine, and saliva. So the best for you to detox would be to exercise daily. Remember your fat has a turnover rate as well. So even without exercise you might think you’re not burning any fat but you are burning your current it is just replaced with new fat. So you do not need to be losing body fat for the process to take place. Although it would help speed things up. Athletes with low body fat have a faster fat turnover rate and are at advantage when it comes to detoxing THC from their systems.

Never exercise the day of the test or even the day before. If you exercise too close to the test will be releasing more THC into system and you don't want to do that if you plan on passing. If don't have much time before the test exercising isn't a good option. I would recommend stopping exercise about 3-5 days before the test so your metabolism slows down and stops releasing THC into your system.


Diuretics are things that make people urine more often. Like coffee or cranberry juice. They can be useful when you’re close approaching your test to help remove any THC lingering in your urine. Especially if you were exercising the past few weeks getting all the THC back into your urine, it would be a good idea to start using diuretics a day or two before the test to help piss it all out. This is way there is a lot of rumors that Cranberry juice can help you pass a drug test because it actually can work for someone with not much THC in their system and it flushes out the last bit. But if there is THC still in your system just drinking cranberry juice will not make you pass. You can drink so much right before the test that you test negative for THC but the tester will be able to tell that you diluted your urine and could still result in a fail or a retest.